This Years Testing Of The Best Wood Pellets 2017

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Premium Wood Pellets (Walmart - Tractor Supply)

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Found at the big box stores in New England

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Please include the model of your stove in your review of these pellets.


  • Comment Link Mike %PM, %03 %904 %2015 %20:%Dec posted by Mike

    Bought these at Tractor Supply. These are by far the worse pellets I ever used. Way more ash then other pellets I have tried. I never saw so much soot on the glass and burn pot as I have with these. The bags are poorly sealed as well. Pick up a bag and the seam just tears open.

  • Comment Link john ray %PM, %31 %991 %2015 %22:%Jan posted by john ray

    i purchased a ton of the premium grade walmart pellots two months ago for 219 a ton wich is really cheap. could,nt believe how well they burned in my new englander pvdch25 pellot stove. so i just recently purchased another ton of the same stuff, what a big mistake. its true! you get what you pay for. i have to use a torch,no kidding to get this stuff to light, and the klunkers are huge with very high ash content. i thought there was something wrong with my stove. its the pellots. do yourself a favor buy the pennington pellots or better grade yet for a few more dollars and save yourself the hasel im going through.

  • Comment Link Chip %AM, %14 %120 %2014 %01:%Jul posted by Chip

    Got premium wood pellets by mistake last year. Damn good pellet! I have been burning pellets for 10 years. Premium wood pellets, American wood fiber are the top 2 in my area if you want heat from your stove.

  • Comment Link Ron Lott %PM, %06 %576 %2014 %12:%Feb posted by Ron Lott

    I have a Harman stove and I do clean it once or twice a month. I also take entire stove apart at the end of each season for a cleaning. This is the first time I bought premium wood pellets. I bought them from the home depot in allegany NY. The pelletts were stored out side and that kind of supprizes me because right on the bag it states store in a cool dry place. Needless to say many of the bags had water damage and when the pellets dried they turned into saw dust my stove was clean but now it is not because of pellets stove goes out and I have to clean it daily. I know its not the pellet companies fault it is home depot s fault. Maybe the pellet company should use a different store that will store pellets in a cool DRY place like the bag says.

  • Comment Link Jason %PM, %15 %571 %2012 %12:%Dec posted by Jason

    In continuing to try differnet bands of pellets, I purchased three bag from my local TSC. As always when i am testing I screened my pellets with a 1/4" screen box. This produced roughly 2 cups of fines for all three bags. They produced average heat when compared to other brands. However, the ash content was much higher and I did have to clean my firebox and glass daily. I would purchases again if it was the end of the seasson and I did nto want to get another ton of something better.

    I have a US Stove Co. 5500M
    Burned on a 1 and 2 speed setting

    price was $4.58/ bag or $219/ton North Eastern PA

  • Comment Link Jason f %PM, %13 %019 %2012 %23:%Dec posted by Jason f

    I have a US stove 5500M. I picked up three bags from my local TSC for testing. I sifted three bags via a ¼” mesh screen box which yielded roughly 2 cups of fines. The pellets them self produced average heat while running my stove low. After 24hours the burn pot was full of ash so that was a letdown. I did not have any clinkers. The end result if that I would not use these pellets again.

    paid $4.59/ bag


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