This Years Testing Of The Best Wood Pellets 2017

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Pro Pellet

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Fiber By-Products, Corp has been the link between waste wood producers and end users. Their Services provide waste producers the environmental friendly option of keeping many tons of wood waste out of local landfills. They recycle and process waste wood daily to supply the agriculture and equine industry with quality animal bedding, factories with boiler fuel and homeowners and landscapers with quality, long lasting wood mulch. Their processed waste wood is also used by manufacturers of fire logs and wood-plastic composites.They also produce more then 45,000 tons of premium pellet fuel annually with the capabilities of manufacturing even more!.

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  • Comment Link paul taggart Tuesday, 28 March 2017 17:22 posted by paul taggart

    do not like them they leave alot of ash and burn too quickly. they are a hardwood brand and you should be burning a softwood bran made of Douglas fir. i am using a Lopi pellet stove insert in my old fire place. Red pine also is good.

  • Comment Link Craig Tuesday, 14 March 2017 21:13 posted by Craig

    I've always had good luck with Pro Pellets, Low ash and High heat output. A bag a day burn rate and only had to clean out my stove (USS 5500) every other week. Unfortunately I can't get them locally anymore.

  • Comment Link Shelly Friday, 10 March 2017 23:55 posted by Shelly

    We have burned pellets for 7 years, these used to be the best, now they are the worst. We only bought this week because locally our stores were out of all other brands and this is all they had in stock. Never again! They have ton of ash, clunkers, burn with black residue and now smell like burning plastic with a black glossy substance on the side of my pit that is burning. Pellets are smoldering and filling the pot without burning completely.

  • Comment Link Randy Halstead Thursday, 16 February 2017 03:51 posted by Randy Halstead

    These are the best pellets I've found so far, I have a Harmann
    XXV stove. I have tried a few other brands, but seem to always go back to Pro Pellets. I burn about 40 bags before I have to shut down and clean my stove. From 40 bags I have less than two gallons of ash. I purchase my pellets from Dan's Wood Pellets in Brussels, Wisconsin.

  • Comment Link Marion rR Kemper Monday, 26 September 2016 17:32 posted by Marion rR Kemper

    i have used pro pellit for last 8 years or more this brand out preforms all others. i have 2 units a harmon insert in my fire place and a stand a lone in my man cave. Burns hot and less ash.

  • Comment Link Tim koepp Sunday, 21 August 2016 19:57 posted by Tim koepp

    I feel propelled and NOT the same quality they were a few short years ago. More ash, more clunkers, less heat. I'll avoid them this season. Personal preference remains you be Somerset brand.

  • Comment Link Glenn Monday, 15 February 2016 15:07 posted by Glenn

    Got 5 ton of pro pellets this summer the pellets were not burning that good making the glass black and a lot of black smoke out side did,nt have that problem last year think I am going to change

  • Comment Link todd Friday, 29 January 2016 04:12 posted by todd

    Pro pellets I burned for 2 years. Now way more ash out put. Will not buy again. Somerset are the best

  • Comment Link Tim Thursday, 14 January 2016 21:02 posted by Tim

    I have been burning pellets since 2007. I have tried 3 different brands and propellet is the absolute worst! They take 2 to 3 attempts to light, they are high in ash and a lower BTU. The pellets gave a high moisture content and clump in the bag. Somerset pellets are much much better.

  • Comment Link Jenny Wednesday, 06 May 2015 12:31 posted by Jenny

    I have had very good luck that past 2 years burning Propellets. They burn long and well. I did notice that this year there seemed to be more ash. It was a little annoying but for the price, how can you go wrong??


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