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Pure Fire Wood Pellets

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Pure Fire Wood fuel Pellets 40lb premium wood pellets produced by Dry Creek.  Dry Creek Wood Pellet Fuel, when burned in a pellet burning stove or fireplace insert, provides you with an excellent primary or secondary heat source. It's clean burning, made from renewable and recyclable energy and environmentally safe.

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  • Comment Link Rob Gorman Thursday, 15 January 2015 18:50 posted by Rob Gorman

    I have an Enviro Mt. Vernon E2 pellet stove. I bought these pellets at tractor supply without reading any reviews. I cannot get an heat out of the pellets and I am going through them like water. Will never buy these pellets again.

  • Comment Link rob Wednesday, 31 December 2014 15:01 posted by rob

    Dang all the neg comments I've had great luck with these in my Avalon arbor the least ash of any I've burned and I've burned a lot of different pellets

  • Comment Link ken Friday, 05 December 2014 12:29 posted by ken

    these pellets are the worse pellets I have ever used, I have been burning pellets for three years, have tried many brands of pellets, these are the worse. I have clean the stove of the ash and char that these pellets leave

  • Comment Link C Nap Sunday, 23 March 2014 00:30 posted by C Nap

    I have a us stove company model 5660 bought at tractor supply we clean it once a week. We had to buy these pellets because there was nothing else out there and they are bad. Cant put heat on 1 fire burns out, and my glass is so dirty and lots of ash. They have more dust in bag then the lignetics we usually use. Never again if this wasnt my only heat source for house i would of returned them to tractor supply. When I called tractor supply they said they had lignetics and then after we drove 2 hours to get them these are what they actually had. I think tractor supply has been dupping alot of people because of the shortage. Shame on them.

  • Comment Link Scott Saturday, 15 March 2014 01:02 posted by Scott

    I have the same issues as most with these. I run a Harmon P35i and these seem to have Low heat output and more ash. Almost as if they want to smother the fire with the ash. Turned up the feed and it helps but still lots of ash and low heat. Oh well with most suppliers out I will make do with what I can find.

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