This Years Testing Of The Best Wood Pellets 2017

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Somerset Wood Pellets

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Somerset Premium wood pellet Fuel.

Somerset uses kiln-dried sawdust from their wood flooring division to produce high quality premium grade wood fuel pellets.

Somerset Wood Pellets
PO Box 1355
Somerset, KY 42502
(606) 678-2842

visit their website;


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Additional Info

  • Admin Review: Oct 2014: Somerset pellets have always been on top of my list. I miss the days I could find these at the Lowes in Woburn for less than $200 / ton. Those days are over however the quality of these pellets live on. Great pellet and a very safe bet for this season. August - 2017 - Looking forward to burning some this year!! I always thought these were great pellets

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  • Comment Link Tim %PM, %21 %875 %2016 %20:%Aug posted by Tim

    These are my referred brand. I will pay more, if necessary, for Somerset than most any other brand I find. Problem is, around here, everybody shifts brands every shipment they get!

  • Comment Link Michael Hupp %PM, %27 %031 %2016 %23:%Feb posted by Michael Hupp

    where is the best place to purchase a pellet stove insert in Somerset KY to use these pellets?

  • Comment Link Bob %AM, %11 %194 %2015 %03:%Nov posted by Bob

    I Have owned an Englander 25PDVC since 2007. Have not had propane delivered since (8 years). Pellet stove is best thing since sliced bread, I tell everyone I know. I have burned many different pellets and SOMERSET are by far the best I have found.They are my benchmark for trying other pellets. I would recommend these pellets to anyone. My stove sometimes needs fine tuning on level 1-2 depending on pellet length, but for the most part I only run it on these levels. I can't speak for all stoves but mine is very easy to dial in. I would use all these pellets again but will spend the little extra for Somerset. I have burned the following pellets (rated in order of preference)

    1. Somerset 8 Tons 2007, 2010, 2011, 2014
    2. Atlas (Premium Red Fir) Only found one year and they were great very long pellets though (1 Ton) 2009
    3. American Wood Fibers (2 Ton) 2008
    4. Kentucky Kernel (1 Ton) 2010
    5. Stove Chow (1 Ton) 2013
    6. Prest-o-Logs (1 Ton) 2013
    7. Fiber Energy Products 1/2 Ton
    8. Natures Heat (Pennington)? NEVER AGAIN Returned 2 tons.

    Can't find my regulars this year so testing Greenway, Clean Energy, AWF and Therma Glo for this years bulk buy.

  • Comment Link Joseph C. Moore/ Feathercrest Farm %AM, %26 %042 %2015 %00:%Feb posted by Joseph C. Moore/ Feathercrest Farm

    I have an Englander Stove that I purchased and installed about 5 months ago. I have purchased pellets from Walmart (Pennington) which were good, Home Depot (not good)Tractor Supply (uneven quality because of multiple suppliers) and Somerset Pellets this week from Tractor Supply which are, the hottest heating pellets. Night time temperatures have been well below zero (minus 13% at my accurate outdoor thermometer several nights this week). I have purchased them by the bag as I use my Subaru Outback to transport them.
    i expressed my satisfaction with the Somerset brand to Tractor Supply urging them to try to request Somerset over the other brands. I recommend Somerset as an excellent product at a low range price.

  • Comment Link JFA02 %PM, %01 %740 %2015 %16:%Jan posted by JFA02

    Theses are the best pellets I have burned this year!. A little more expensive than all the rest, but I bought them when I was in a pinch. They put out the most heat and least ash of any I have bought this year. I have burned Nations Choice which were terrible, New Freedom are good and less expensive, but you get much more ash. Hammer is good also but expensive and second best to Somerset. For the Money I would go with the New Freedom pellets. If money is not an issue I would go with Somerset Pellets they put out the most heat and leave the least ash for clean up.

  • Comment Link Laurel Pardo %PM, %02 %640 %2014 %14:%Dec posted by Laurel Pardo

    Absolutely the worst pellets we have used. One bag lasts only 3 hours. Other brands have lasted 8-12 hours each. At $6 a bag this is not cost efficient. I have also never seen such high ash production out of any pellet before. We won't be buying this again.

  • Comment Link Wes guigar %PM, %19 %033 %2014 %23:%Nov posted by Wes guigar

    Just bought our first few bags of somerset pellets for the year. These are by far the best pellet that I can get in my area. But damn 6.00 a bag is a bit ridiculous.

  • Comment Link Robert Shanklin %PM, %22 %746 %2014 %16:%Mar posted by Robert Shanklin

    This winter has been long. we have used 5 ton of Somerset Pellets so far, we are about to run out and can't find any pellets around the Cynthiana, Kentucky area. Any suggestions ????

  • Comment Link Mike %PM, %17 %929 %2014 %21:%Mar posted by Mike

    I've used 4 brands of wood pellets this winter. This one is clearly the best I've used. Puts out high amount of heat. Hardly any clinkers at all. Very happy. Run a heatilator cab 50.

  • Comment Link bear %PM, %12 %820 %2014 %18:%Mar posted by bear

    why is there a shortage of wood pellets in western Ohio? cannot find wood pellets anywhere.


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