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Stove Chow Wood Pellets

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Stove Chow Wood Pellet fuel pellets

Stove Chow pellets are out of PA by Premier Pellet.  Premier Pellet has locations in PA and Canada.  Is this Energex?


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  • Comment Link keith Monday, 06 April 2015 01:16 posted by keith

    I have s pelpro pp130 stove. I ran out of the oakies on a Friday night so I picked up 10 bags of the stove chow. Ended up having to clean the stove out by morning and readjust the airflow to the highest setting and still had a lot of ash build up. I still have 4 bags and refuse to burn them. Not impressed.

  • Comment Link Brian C. Wednesday, 11 March 2015 11:03 posted by Brian C.

    Burned two tons this year and had good luck with them. Burn very clean, and not much soot inside the glass. A good value.

  • Comment Link Lynn Thursday, 05 March 2015 01:16 posted by Lynn

    I'm on my second pellet stove. This on is a Harmon about 6 years old, and my first was an AstroFlame. I burned Stove Chow in both until The company had production problems a few years ago. I found the burned hotter than other brands and the left over ash was less than half. Burning two tons of Stove Chow didn't quite fill a regular coal bucket with ashes.
    Mt local dealer stopped carrying them. Because of a bad back, I need them delivered and stacked. If Home Depot sells Stove Chow, I can't get that kind of service. I might pick up a bag or two to try again.

  • Comment Link Jennifer Thursday, 26 February 2015 16:40 posted by Jennifer

    I have a Lopi Leyden stove for 5 years now and Stove Chow are the worst pellets I've ever tried! I've burned a few bags and not only does it leave hard chunky ash build up clogging my burn pot but it backed up my pellet shoot and burned all the crap pt pellets that are in the hopper! What a mess!!! Almost burnt the house down and filled it with smoke! And that WITH cleaning it after every single bag! Worst pellets ever, not worth the discount! I'm returning the 2 tons back to home depot when I got them!

  • Comment Link Tim and Arlene Fisher Wednesday, 25 February 2015 19:28 posted by Tim and Arlene Fisher

    I have used your product in the past, having three pellet stoves in my home, without a problem. Last week I bought a pallet of pellets from the Home Depot in Dover, New Jersey on Saturday, February 21, 2015. On Monday night, I dumped the one bag directly into my family room stove. The stove shut itself off and would not drop pellets.I emptied the pellets from the hopper and discovered the hopper was full of sawdust. It had to be vacuumed out. The auger in the stove was still jammed and would not drop the pellets. After hours of working on it, and more vacuuming, I shined a flashlight up the shoot and saw something green. Using a dental pick I was able to remove the object, a green scrubbing pad had become jammed into the auger. How did a scrubbing pad get into a bag of pellets? I usually dump the pellets into a tub to eliminate excess sawdust, however Monday night was very cold and the stove had run out, so I just dumped them in directly. This scrubbing pad completely jammed my auger and caused the stove to be out part of Monday night and all of Tuesday. Since this is the only heat source in the room I lost several of my tropical plants that I winter over in that room. I was also concerned about possible damage to the auger in the stove, which is a Lope. As I usually buy my pellets from Home Depot, I use these pellets frequently and am now concerned about how they are being manufactured. Your bag guarantees satisfaction. I would like to know how something like this could have happened,not just the scrubbing pad but also the extreme amount of sawdust, which can also jam the auger.

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