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Tuesday, 01 September 2015 00:00

Summer Storage for Wood Pellets

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Summer rains and humidity can be damaging to your wood pellets.  Here are a few steps you can take to protect your pellet supply…

  • Always store wood pellets in a cool dry place

To keep wood pellets from reverting back to sawdust they must remain completely dry.  The best storage option is in a cool, dry, indoor space. 

  • Use a dehumidifier in the storage space

Setting up a dehumidifier will keep the indoor storage space from getting damp and muggy during the summer months.

  • Use an outdoor shed

If storage is not available in the home consider using a storage shed.  Make sure the shed remains cool and dry.  Your best bet is to set up the shed in a shady area.

  • Keep the wood pellets off the ground

This can be accomplished by stacking the bags on wooden pallets. Keeping the bags of pellets stacked off the ground will ensure they do not collect moisture while in storage.  Line the wooden pallets with cardboard to keep everything level and dry. 

  • Use a tarp

Securely fasten a tarp over the stack of wood pellets to protect them from the elements and curious critters. 

  • Examine the area

Keep the stacks away from pooling water, sprinklers, hoses, and any other water source.

Bottom line: wood pellets are a magnet for moisture and critters.

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