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Timber Heat Pellets

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I cannot find any info online about these pellets.

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  • Comment Link Ken Saturday, 03 January 2015 04:12 posted by Ken

    I Have a Harman Accentra pellet stove was burning green surpreme but the timber heat pellets r much better burn hotter very happy with them

  • Comment Link Rick Sunday, 14 December 2014 23:06 posted by Rick

    I bought 1 ton from Lowes and I'm very happy with the heat output. Much better than Green Supreme and other pellets from Lowes. I'm using a St Croix York stove.

  • Comment Link wayne Thursday, 09 October 2014 18:13 posted by wayne

    There is NO info written on the bags giving specifics about these pellets. What type of wood, be it soft or hard, ash content, etc. Does Massachusetts Law require to give info regarding product purchases?

  • Comment Link Derrick Sunday, 05 January 2014 19:58 posted by Derrick

    I have a Harman p43 and these have a very erratic flame. Had to scrape the burn pot every few hours. Noticed the ash was very dark and heavy. I go thru and fully clean my stove about once a week. Prob one of the worst pellets I have burned. Bought 2 bags of these and 2 bags of North American and the North Americans burned hotter and cleaner.

  • Comment Link Adam Friday, 03 January 2014 12:36 posted by Adam

    Timber max pellets are the worst pellets I have used in 8 years, Lowes gets a different brand every year based on availability. These produce to much ash and the burn isn't as good. I am used to using a bag a day to heat 2k sqft and not having to address the ash pot as frequent. The pot is constantly backing up on these pellets, I went back to lowes and bought a couple of bags of a different brand and they were much more superior.

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