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Turman Hardwood Pellets

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Turman Hardwood Wood Pellets (one of the best and my favorites)

Turman Hardwood Pellets are a premium wood pellet.  Turman Hardwood Pellets, are located in Galax, Virginia  is a 100% hardwood pellet.  Turman pellets are made from solid oak residual from their flooring mill, as well as other sawmill facilities owned by the parent company, The Turman Group.


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  • Comment Link Nick Monday, 05 January 2015 23:42 posted by Nick

    My father-in-law gave me a few bags of these to try in my stove (Waterford Erin) and I kinda wish he wouldn't have. These are by far the cleanest pellets I have ever burned, decent heat with practically no ash or clinkers. Now that I'm back to burning my own stock (Logik-e with some Okanagan Gold) I'm feeling like I missed out. My only consolation is that the Logik-e were $75 cheaper than the Turman.

  • Comment Link bob stodge Friday, 10 October 2014 14:24 posted by bob stodge

    been heating with pellet stoves for 20-25 yrs. so far Turman is the best, burn VERY clean and hot. 1/4 to 1/3 less time needed for cleanouts.

  • Comment Link Matt Tuesday, 26 August 2014 14:29 posted by Matt

    I've had a stove (Harman) for about 7 years now and have tried A LOT of brands. I haven't noticed a big difference in heat out put among brands but Turman without a doubt were head and shoulders above the crowd in terms of low ash. Unbelievable difference. I wouldn't have to empty the ash pan for 2 weeks where with other brands it might be two days. Can't get them anymore since the place that used to carry them closed. I'm burning Clearfire Pacific now which are pretty good. I'd steer clear of any brands you get at the grocery store chains like Big Y (Inferno) and PriceChopper (I forget brand).

  • Comment Link Walter Medina Monday, 04 August 2014 01:02 posted by Walter Medina

    Truman pellets leave very little ash. They generate a lot of heat. I recommend using these pellets you won't be disappointed

  • Comment Link George Wednesday, 26 March 2014 23:19 posted by George

    Drove 30 minutes for these "Premium" pellets from my dealer and paid Premium price. Good thing I didn't buy a ton. I always try before I buy....Not impressed..Many were 2 1/2 " long, a lot of fines in the bags, heat output was not that great, more ash than others.

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