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Turman Hardwood Pellets

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Turman Hardwood Wood Pellets (one of the best and my favorites)

Turman Hardwood Pellets are a premium wood pellet.  Turman Hardwood Pellets, are located in Galax, Virginia  is a 100% hardwood pellet.  Turman pellets are made from solid oak residual from their flooring mill, as well as other sawmill facilities owned by the parent company, The Turman Group.


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  • Comment Link Matt Tuesday, 26 August 2014 14:29 posted by Matt

    I've had a stove (Harman) for about 7 years now and have tried A LOT of brands. I haven't noticed a big difference in heat out put among brands but Turman without a doubt were head and shoulders above the crowd in terms of low ash. Unbelievable difference. I wouldn't have to empty the ash pan for 2 weeks where with other brands it might be two days. Can't get them anymore since the place that used to carry them closed. I'm burning Clearfire Pacific now which are pretty good. I'd steer clear of any brands you get at the grocery store chains like Big Y (Inferno) and PriceChopper (I forget brand).

  • Comment Link Walter Medina Monday, 04 August 2014 01:02 posted by Walter Medina

    Truman pellets leave very little ash. They generate a lot of heat. I recommend using these pellets you won't be disappointed

  • Comment Link George Wednesday, 26 March 2014 23:19 posted by George

    Drove 30 minutes for these "Premium" pellets from my dealer and paid Premium price. Good thing I didn't buy a ton. I always try before I buy....Not impressed..Many were 2 1/2 " long, a lot of fines in the bags, heat output was not that great, more ash than others.

  • Comment Link Alan Hoyle Friday, 14 February 2014 16:50 posted by Alan Hoyle

    We have been offering pellets and stoves since 1997 and have offered many different brands of pellets. My customers have chosen Turman as being the best pellet and so this is what we carry. We offer an early buy so that there is a win, win situation of which people can get them at a lower price and we do not have to put out all the money to stock the pellets over winter nor have the concern of a shortage. We are Hoyles Healthy Hearth and Home in Lincolnton NC

  • Comment Link Mike J Friday, 31 January 2014 02:25 posted by Mike J

    I have an Advantage Optima T300P

    I drove 45 minutes to pick up some Turman bags because I heard great things about their pellets and I'm happy to report it was worth the trip. By far the best pellet I've ever burned and I've run Northern, Ambiance, Lignetics, Energex, Maine Pellet Company, and others. Burns hot and hardly any ash. The ash it produces is mostly black and I've read that an abundance of white/gray ash comes from moisture and minerals in the wood. This would suggest that the Turman kiln dried process keeps ash to a minimum. If there is any drawback it is the price of the pellet and a couple of bags had some sawdust. But the pellet burns real hot so the price is offset by the heat it produces. For anyone in Southern NH or Norther Mass, Horse and Carriage Feed in Winchendon, MA sells Turman. You won't be disappointed!

  • Comment Link JM Sunday, 26 January 2014 17:36 posted by JM

    Englander PDVC-25.

    I bought a few bags of Turman this past summer as I had some from the previous year. I was very disappointed with this past summer (2013) purchase based on the price.

    Before my last purchase this pellet was far superior than any other. It burned so hot it had to be a certain very low temp for me to use them.

    This years purchase didn't throw any more heat than the brand I paid much less for. They did burn clean yet the level of heat was much lower and for some reason the pellet size was different.

  • Comment Link Joe Thursday, 02 January 2014 22:18 posted by Joe

    I'm on my second ton this winter. I used 2 tons last winter. I have a Heatilator Pointe pellet fireplace, which is close to a Mt. Vernon insert, I'm told. They are low ash in the pan, but large flames, dirty glass, and lots of ash in the firebox builds up rather quickly (within 1 bag). I bought them for $245 a ton in Fallston, MD about a month ago. There was no talk of a shortage/issue then. I don't know of any other dealers in the Baltimore area except for the well-known dealer in Harford County.
    I will probably stick with Turman, but I wonder if there is a better choice that minimizes the problems described above?

  • Comment Link Bob Steigler Tuesday, 31 December 2013 22:33 posted by Bob Steigler

    I have a Harman P-61 and have always used turman pellets, I bought 4 ton early to get the discount at the coal yard in Mechanicsburg Pa. but this year the bags are full of saw dust and you can crumble them in your hand ( they are supposed to be hard wood ) and they also blocked the auger hole two different times from being too long and I came home to a cold house, they are burning much quicker than before. I usually use 4 ton a year but I am going to use at least 6 ton this year because of the condition of the pellets and I clean my stove constantly and strip it down completey before starting the season. Guess I will look for another brand in the future.

  • Comment Link Pete Saturday, 14 December 2013 20:41 posted by Pete

    I went to our local distributor today in Bel Air, Maryland and was told that due to some sort of "industrial accident", Turman pellets are no longer available. Can anyone shed some light on this? Might this be some sort of bogus claim so that customers will buy other less desirable brands of pellets that the distributor is having trouble selling? Who else in the Baltimore area sells Turman pellets?

  • Comment Link sue Sunday, 08 December 2013 23:53 posted by sue

    Outstanding pellet..won't buy anything else.

  • Comment Link michael Sunday, 01 December 2013 10:22 posted by michael

    I used wood pellet company before and had a lot of ash. I bought 3 ton of turman and they work much better. I pick my pellets up in spring and get a discount $215.00 a ton at the local coal yard in mechanicsburg pa.

  • Comment Link Gloria J Murphy Thursday, 11 April 2013 12:59 posted by Gloria J Murphy

    I just love the Turman Pellets,have used them over a year now.At first I went to Vermont to pick them up(I live in NY) Now I buy them from Agway Ny, and this last batch was terrible,it did not burn right,it piled up on the front of the burner,I have A Haraman stove. My husband went to Vermont to get a few bags and they are just fine.Thank you, Gloria J Murphy Stillwater NY 5185843984

  • Comment Link Brian C. - Massachusetts Wednesday, 20 March 2013 17:56 posted by Brian C. - Massachusetts

    Read good reviews about these pellets last year(2012) . So 2 weeks ago prior to buying a full ton I bought 10 bags just to try.($6 a bag or $294-ton) . Glad I only bought 10 bags! I am burning a 2012 Quadrafire Mt Vernon Ae Insert. Within hours of using these pellets my stove shut down due to the pellets clogging the shoot . This happened twice in 3 days. These pellets are VERY inconsistant in lenghth actually are too long with some in excess of 2.5". On night I watched as the shoot from the auger into the burn pot became clogged because of the Long pellets.
    When they did burn i didnt think they were anything special as far as heat goes. So save your money and buy a better product.
    And when the d

  • Comment Link eleise Friday, 08 March 2013 20:45 posted by eleise

    We tried the turman and we got really hot heat.The pellets are to large ,they jam up the auger and if we didn't burn on a level 3 and up level we found soot ,and it started to run ,smoke shut down....
    We dont have a crappy stove and have been burning for 4 years now.
    So we wont use them again.Great for heat but thats it,.They aren't worth the possible damage to our stove.

  • Comment Link Jarrod Sunday, 03 March 2013 20:13 posted by Jarrod

    I have had issues with the long pellets, lots of fines in the bottom of the bag and the last ton I bought had a damppness issue which caused a burnt wood smell to fill the house. I switched to the Greene Gold pellets and really like them. Very low ash like the Turman, better heat and the same price... $235/ton.

  • Comment Link Bill Saturday, 02 March 2013 22:52 posted by Bill

    I have been burning New England pellets for about 7 yrs in my Harmon Stove. Someone I know suggested Turman, so I gave them a try. They are horrible. My stove will shut down as the pellets are cut to almost 3 inches long. I never seen such long pellets. They jam the augher and the stove will shut down. This has happened on a number of nights, woken up to a very cold house. Has anyone else had this problem?
    Will go back to NE Pellets for sure.

  • Comment Link TheKingSlacker Sunday, 24 February 2013 03:59 posted by TheKingSlacker

    bought 3 tons of the Truman.. Mostly 1/4 inch pieces and a ton of saw dust.. Won't be buy them again until the quality improves.. located in Central Vermont

  • Comment Link PAM MILLER Thursday, 21 February 2013 03:24 posted by PAM MILLER


  • Comment Link Mikekyp Wednesday, 06 February 2013 20:18 posted by Mikekyp

    Good Pellet. I burned 2 tons of Maine woods before burning 1 ton of the Turman. I immediately noticed that the heat output of the Turman pellet was much better than the Maine Woods. Ash content was a little higher with the Turman and I did have some clinkers. Only issue is that it cost $340/ton incl. delivery so I thought the price was steep.

  • Comment Link Harry Sunday, 03 February 2013 17:41 posted by Harry

    6 Ton's of trash thats what i got from the O mighty Turmen Pellets i will never buy or recomend anybody to buy this product.All they do is melt and clog the burn pot with all the dust that comes in the bag.Iv been burning pellets for 15 years and never had this problom with any other brand.I have to stop here yes im that upset

  • Comment Link Sandra Kent Sunday, 27 January 2013 12:57 posted by Sandra Kent

    I have been using Turman pellets in my Enviro pellet stove for two years. My only down fall is that i have experienced at least two tons that the pellets were wet. It leaves a black ash in the ash pan also a layer of black burned clinkers in the burn pot. I dont like having to clean my stove every day when i rcve a bad ton of wet pellets. Pleas make sure the manufacturing process is the best quality.Other than that they are nice.

  • Comment Link doug mitchell Friday, 25 January 2013 16:09 posted by doug mitchell

    I have been burning pellets 20+ years and on my 3rd new stove a travis industries lopi, great stove , i should have listen to the many turman users complaining about clinkers, at any feed rate, any damper setting these pellets develope a layer of fused together pellets thus slowing the air intended to fully burn them all in less than 8 hours, the clinkers can be poked to break them up but this is extreamly inconvient, they do have a chemical smell! all this for 300/ton ???

  • Comment Link Stephen Thursday, 24 January 2013 19:21 posted by Stephen

    Not at all impressed with Turman. Many little pieces of pellets that look as if they were chopped up and seems to be alot of fines. Very dusty and the heat output seems the same as Lowes pellets.

  • Comment Link Sam Tuesday, 01 January 2013 15:40 posted by Sam

    I have used this pellet with Harman Accent rate insert and saw a lot of clinkers. I have to adjust feedrate to prevent the clinkers and allow burning pellets stay in the pot longer. I was not impressed with Turman pellet

  • Comment Link r pardus Wednesday, 19 December 2012 22:28 posted by r pardus

    I've used many types of pellets (including the infamous Okanagan). Turmans are by far the best...good heat, LOW ash, great flame. Will continue to buy these.

  • Comment Link Brian Friday, 14 December 2012 17:46 posted by Brian

    I have used New England Wood Pellets in our Harmon Accentra stove as the primary heat source in our home for five years now with no issues really other than the amount of ash. I know what to expect with them at this point and have not had to purchase heating oil in over three years now I'm proud to say. This spring I was recommended to use the Turman brand, did plenty of research and bought 3 tons this year.

    I agree, they throw a LOT of heat and very low amounts of ash BUT they leave amazing amounts of "clinkers" lining the burn pot causing the pellets to build up and fall into the ash bin still burning or unburnt at all while the flame in the burn pot gets enormous! Due to the size of some of these pellets (very long)the flame deflector gets pushed out of place causing the flames to burn towards the glass instead of the heat exchanger causing ash to build up VERY quickly.

    I've never experienced this with New England pellets. Anyone else experience this? I am on the fence on these pellets. Does the higher heat output really outweigh the amount of times I have to empty an ash bin?

  • Comment Link Mike Saturday, 17 November 2012 22:48 posted by Mike

    Turman's are great. I've been burning Hamer's up to this point in my Quadrafire Classic Bay 1200 insert. I found the Turman's a little less hot, much less ash and no clinkers. I prefer them over Hamer's and I'm getting them for $50 less a ton. I'm in Downingtown, PA.

  • Comment Link Russ Saturday, 10 November 2012 20:23 posted by Russ

    I own a Mt Vernon AE insert and burned a ton of these between the end of last winter and this fall. These pellets burn hot and produce very little ash. My only complaint is the amount of fines in each bag...and they don't smell nice like other hardwood pellets I've burned like Barefoot and Hammers

  • Comment Link Matthew Tuesday, 04 September 2012 15:37 posted by Matthew

    I've burned lots of pellets over the past 5 years that I've had a stove. These are hands down the best. I really have a tough time telling the heat difference between brands but as far as ash goes I've never seen anything like these. The less I have to clean the stove the better. I've used the cheap brands from Price Chopper and Big Y. Not worth it imo.

  • Comment Link Pete, NW CT Saturday, 31 March 2012 22:22 posted by Pete, NW CT

    *UPDATE* Burned a little over 2 tons this year, due to mild winter. The Turmans were excellent, extremely low ash, good heat, NO clinkers. I clean the stove once a week.(Quadrafire Mt.Vernon insert) Primary heat source for my home. Already took advantage of spring deals, and pre-ordered 2 more tons!

  • Comment Link Holly @redberrydeals.com Monday, 05 March 2012 19:23 posted by Holly @redberrydeals.com

    We love these pellets. We are in VA and we were so excited to try these we pre-ordered them from our local Ace Hardware store in the spring at a great price. I believe it was $280 a ton?? We bought 4 tons. We have used 1 1/2 this season. We have one small metal container and that is the only amount of ash we have had to clean out this season. This is amazing!

    We use a Whitfield pellet stove Profile insert and we also have a Whitfield pellet stove Profile standalone that we bought used a couple years ago for our basement.

    I hope we can get these again!

  • Comment Link John Barrick Monday, 27 February 2012 16:43 posted by John Barrick

    I have an American Harvest USSC stove,I have had it 18 months now and clean it weekly,when I use Turman pellets I get a lot of clunkers and have to increase my feed rate as the week progresses due to the clunkers clogging the holes in the bottom of the ash pan.I bought stove chow pellets from Home Depot and didn't have these problems.

  • Comment Link Willem Sunday, 19 February 2012 15:03 posted by Willem

    We have a Hampton GSI60. Tried 25 Bags of Turman. ($230/Ton)
    Heat is good, No ash at all.
    BUT the pellets give a layer of clinkers under in the burner pot.
    It only takes a day to build up a layer that you hear the auger hitting the layer of clinkers.
    So have to clean the burner pot every day. It’s every hard to get the clinkers out of the burner put.

    I tried all kind of trim/exhaust/air inlet/damper settings to get ride of the clinkers but no success.

    I’m going back to the Lignetics pellet ($236/Ton), must easier to clean and no clinkers.

  • Comment Link Stephen Monday, 30 January 2012 15:10 posted by Stephen

    I have USSC American Harvest stove, Turman were the first pellet I tried, everything else after was inferior in heat output and ash. Keeps the stove cleaner, I did not empty the ash tray until going through almost 2 tons.

  • Comment Link Jim Tuesday, 24 January 2012 03:31 posted by Jim

    I just got my Regency stove late last spring so had little time to use it till last fall. I have tried all six brands of pellets sold locally and the Turman are the BEST! I am amazed at how little ash is produced and the heat is great!

  • Comment Link Jerry Saturday, 21 January 2012 17:08 posted by Jerry

    We got our first stove a few months ago, Regency/Hampton GC60. For pellets we started with a ton of Great American. It was an ok pellet but I felt it produced a lot of ash. Next we went to a half ton of Hamer Hot Ones. These were a clear improvement with reduced fines, about a third less ash and higher heat. We are burning Turman now (got 2 ton delivery this week). Of the three these are my favorite. Ash is about half of where we started. Heat is excellent, can't find a clinker and little fines. The only minor objection we have is there is a very fine dust in the bags, not crumbled pellet but just like the dust from sanding a hardwood floor. Hamer was the cleanest bag. Overall Turmen are the best for our stove so far.

  • Comment Link kearney Sunday, 08 January 2012 23:23 posted by kearney

    Burning pellets for ten years. Low ash high heat the best pellets so far.no other pellets come close .you can burn a ton and never empty the ash pan glass stays clean

  • Comment Link glenn Tuesday, 20 September 2011 22:57 posted by glenn

    These are the best out there. I stocked up early this year. Don't want to have to use New England ever again. Turman all the way. Little to no ash, No clinkers and, High heat.

  • Comment Link Pete, NW CT Monday, 19 September 2011 04:16 posted by Pete, NW CT

    I tried 12 bags last year. I was so impressed I bought 3 tons this year. Very high quality, burn hot and completely, very little fines and almost no ash! Cleanest pellet I have tried in my Quad Mt. Vernon insert.

  • Comment Link Wayne Tuesday, 01 March 2011 13:25 posted by Wayne

    The best Pellets I've used so far.

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