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Indeck Wood Pellets

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Indeck Energy Wood Pellets are the affordable, green energy solution to home heating.


Premium Indeck Energy Wood Pellets deliver on every level:

  • Superior value | Our pellets deliver more heat for the money.
  • Reliable heating | Our pellets provide a very clean burn.
  • Cleaner stoves | Our pellets generate less ash.
  • Exceed industry standards | Our pellets are the most consistent quality product on the market.
  • Environmental sustainability | Our pellets are produced from feedstock that is sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Indeck Energy Wood Pellets are produced in Ladysmith, Wisconsin, USA.



Additional Info

  • Admin Review: Oct 2014: Although the ash shown above looks to be alot, it's actually super light and fluffy. No burn pot scraping was needed and these pellets burned long and hot. Great burn! Also, it appears that the recipe was changed up a bit from last year. I remember last year there were the odd larger pellets (diameter) mixed in with all the regular sized pellets. This years batch were less dark as well and did not have the strong aspen smell as they have in the past. Very nice burn in my Lopi.

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  • Comment Link Matt Saturday, 15 February 2014 13:26 posted by Matt

    I have a new England stove and normally burn a high quality pine pellet. I ran out of them this winter and had to buy a ton of these indeck hardwood pellets. They are the worst ive ever seen. You have to empty the ashes every two days. Never going to buy again, and neither should you.

  • Comment Link Joe Monday, 03 February 2014 19:20 posted by Joe

    I burn a Thelin 3000 and these are by far the worst pellet I have ever purchased. The amount of ash they produce is incredible and i have to empty the ash every 2 days. These also burn dirty and glaze the glass in a few hours. These are readily available but i definitely will never purchase these again!

  • Comment Link Donald Bendinelli Wednesday, 29 January 2014 21:25 posted by Donald Bendinelli

    Harmon PC 45 corn / pellet stove have been using this brand for years. First as a mix with corn but now with the corn prices burning straight pellets. This year we have to keep a closer eye on the stove due to occasional back up in burn pot and glass gets black quicker. I clean my stove once to twice a month and lately have been empting ash pan once a day.

    Have also just noticed a crayon smell when the blower is running and I have read this could be due to the pellets. Not sure if you change the pellets or if I got a bad batch. Will burn Penny Wise instead when I can find it otherwise based on past experience will still use Index

  • Comment Link David Tuesday, 24 December 2013 20:46 posted by David

    Lots of ash low on heat will not buy again

  • Comment Link michael Wednesday, 11 December 2013 08:41 posted by michael

    I have a pellpro stove, been burning penny wise pellets last 3 years, not perfect, dusty but have been able to figure out how to burn them, went to the indeck brand of pellet as as a substitute, was told they are the same, well they are not, have to increase the auger speed to get any kind of heat out of the pellet, tryed more damper, less, you got me how to burn this pellet, its the worst I used, mixing two brands together to get rid of indeck, I won't use indeck anymore, waste of money...

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